Budapest is such a great place.

I spent time last night and this afternoon in Budapest with family and friends. We don’t get downtown as much as we should. I think this every time I am there.

Winter weather has finally arrived and it feels cold out but the atmosphere this time of year is so great. We visited some of the Christmas markets and just had a fun time walking around. We helped some tourists find a place they were trying to get to, enjoyed the beautiful architecture and art of the city and just had a good time.

I feel so fortunate to get to live here. I have not been to a city yet that I think matches Budapest in terms of beauty and accessibility. For example Paris is great but it’s also so incredibly massive, congested, etc. Although I feel like over the 8 years we’ve been here, Budapest is less and less overlooked. And I’m sure before we were here it was even more chill.

For example at the Christmas market today, it’s become a lot “nicer” and busier and in some ways I miss when it didn’t feel quite so organized and intentional. But that’s how things change. Later this month we plan to visit some of the Christmas markets in Vienna. That’s also a lot of fun. That’s another pretty awesome city, though I think Budapest has it beet because of parliament and the way things are arranged around the Danube. But that’s just my opinion.