Glory Days

Well, the time slips away; Leaves you with nothing, mister, but boring stories of

I was listening to Glory Days and thinking about it. I’m hitting the age now where it’s starting to become more relatable than ever.

But I also know, that back in the “Glory Days” I didn’t feel like they were that great. I mean it was pretty much like life now. So how do they get rosy looking back.

I thought maybe we forget the bad, and just remember the good. But I don’t think that’s it. In fact there is some really awful stuff back in those “Glory Days” and I have no desire to relive any of that. And the theory I’m going with right now, is that back then, just like now, most stuff works out. We don’t know it will right now - but if we are around to think back to then, well probably most of that stuff we were so worried about, all worked out.

This isn’t true for everyone of course. Some people have horrible pasts. They might see this all differently. But I know in my case, I think a lot of why I don’t enjoy now more, is because I’m worried about tomorrow. 5 years from now I’ll know that all worked out and I wont see that stress in it, I’ll see how good everything was.