It's not good but it's mine.

I started writing poetry for myself in high school. Like many things that I had the time for back then, as I got older and life got busier, it dropped by the side for the most part. It’s been in my head, fragments of things, but not much put to paper.

I really enjoyed reading poetry in school and would write things to emulate the poetry I really liked. My junior year I wrote a pretty long poem about the crucifixion of Christ and I did a whole gloss with scriptural references, sort of like what I’d seen with “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”. That was probably the longest and most disciplined poetry I’ve every written. A lot of the rest was typical teen angst written in a song lyric kind of format.

I’m starting to write some of it down again . I’ll be posting things here once I feel pieces are finished.

I’m not kidding about it not being good. I don’t have the background or the discipline. It’s more therapeutic just to get it out of my head and written down. It’s fun for me but probably not for anyone else unless they have really low standards when it comes to writing. Really. It’s an E. E. Cummings kind of free form thing without the genius.