Glory Days

I was listening to Glory Days and thinking about it. I’m hitting the age now where it’s starting to become more relatable than ever. But I also know, that back in the “Glory Days” I didn’t feel like they were that great. I mean it was pretty much like life now. So how do they get rosy looking back. I thought maybe we forget the bad, and just remember the good.

The Cost of My Desire

I’ve started using spotify. It wasn’t available in Hungary for a long time and I was able to put together good playlists on youtube. So most of my music listening happened with youtube open in a tab so I could listen in the background. I had google music as well though that’s ended and been pushed over into youtube. Which was fine as long as I’m functioning around a desktop/laptop. But from mobile devices it doesn’t work well.

And the wind that brought me down

Making things takes work and I feel myself wanting to make something but unable to focus long enough to do the work. I have so many ideas and I stumble on execution. I feel like if I could turn the corner on that I could make something of this last quarter.

Music and Books

Friday was All Saints day and that meant a 3 day weekend. I was reasonably productive in terms of some projects around the house. But some of the best parts were spent with the new Jimmy Eat World album and the Foreigner Saga by C.J. Cherryh. I really enjoy the new album. The books I had started back in the 90s when the series was new. I had dropped off after the second book I think.